The Company


TriptheDark is a local Portland indie dance company. If you don’t usually watch dance performances, we want you. We are inspired by sound, raindrops, shadows, puppets, art, and circuses. We also teach tap. Check here for session start dates.

We ambitiously create large and small scale productions based on themes or made up stories.

The recipe is something like:

  • 4 parts passion
  • 2 parts creativity
  • 3 parts collaboration
  • 5 parts amazing cast
  • 3 parts organization
  • 6 parts other (might include luck, weather, inspiration, that one song that I heard one day that led to the development of a new character, et cetera)

One thing we know for certain is that these shows, while exhausting, are invigorating, inspiring, and intriguing.

The Company


TriptheDark co-founders Stephanie Seaman (L) and Corinn deTorres (R).

Stephanie Seaman-Keith, Founder, Creative Director, Choreographer, Dancer

Corinn deTorres, Founder, Choreographer, Dancer

Anna Sass, Creative Director, Choreographer, Dancer

Taylor McDougall, Creative Director, Choreographer, Dancer

Ashley Long, Dancer

Dug Martell, Technical Director