BYOP(erspective): What Will You Bring?

This season, TriptheDark presents BYOP which explores the idea of perspective – how can the same event be experienced differently by each attendee? Dancers will ask the audience to look at the perspectives of each performer, but also to examine what it is that they […]

TriptheDark History

The Birth In 2009, Corinn deTorres, Stephanie Seaman-Keith, Cara Defillippis, and Lauren Ferns were all dancing together in a musical version of Top Gun called Hot Gun. Their friend Mike Midlo asked them to choreograph a short 20 minute set to open for his band, […]

Current Classes

TriptheDark Tap Classes are Back! Are you ready to tap? Because we are ready and absolutely can’t wait to see all your faces in person! Beginner Tap This class is for basic beginners or those who haven’t tapped in a long time. Class work is […]

Mausoleum: A Dance & Drink Pairing Event

Known for our expert storytelling through contemporary dance and drawing in audiences unfamiliar with dance, this year’s production celebrates their return to the stage while reflecting on the past two years.  This year, we are returning to the live stage at Chapel Theatre to produce […]

Season 11 Subscription

TriptheDark Subscription Series Every month, a different TriptheDark choreographer will create a new piece for the company to learn and will spend every Monday teaching the new piece to our dancers. These dances will be in a variety of styles and will showcase various dancers […]


Ten: A 10th Anniversary Show about 10 Deadly Sins February-March 2020 TriptheDark’s tenth season as a company brings a show about ten deadly sins. They range from the usual sins like greed and wrath to some new ones especially relevant in 2020 (manipulation, cowardice). This […]

A Little Less Human

A Little Less Human: A Ghost Story April 2019 You’re the blur in the corner of the picture behind the person smiling. You’re the silence between the lightning when everyone is waiting for the thunder. You’re the feeling in our bellies when an elevator goes […]

My Turn

My Turn: A Claire Underwood Story April 2018 We’ve all seen what happens when political labels and ego become more important than productivity, progress, and the health of a nation. How do we unite against a common enemy when communication is no longer effective? Hint: […]

Goblin King

The Goblin King: A David Bowie & Labyrinth Tribute June 2017 This is what happens when you don’t love your baby brother. What brother? Brother with the power. What power? Power of voodoo. Who do? You do. Shake the mothballs off your embroidered vest and join […]

Dance of the Dream Man

Dance of the Dream Man: A Twin Peaks Story April 2016 “Diane: I’ve just awoken from a dream as dark and wondrous as the cup of delicious black coffee on the counter in front of me. We were in Portland, Oregon, Diane, and when I […]

The Company

TriptheDark is a local Portland indie dance company. If you don’t usually watch dance performances, we want you. We are inspired by sound, raindrops, shadows, puppets, art, and circuses. We also teach tap. Check here for session start dates. We ambitiously create large and small scale productions based on themes […]