Studio 208

Studio 208

Studio 208 PosterTriptheDark now has 24/7 access to our very own studio. If you are interested in teaching a class, holding rehearsals, offering workshops, or other such needs, please contact us and let us know when/what/how long/etc. Competitive rental rates available; discounts apply for ongoing classes and rehearsals.

Rental rates for activities that cost money to participants (classes, workshops, etc) : $14/hour
Rental rates for activities that are free for participants (rehearsals, etc): $13/hour

Please register via email.

 Renovations thanks to ITG Construction.

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TriptheDark is a local Portland indie dance company. If you don’t usually watch dance performances, we want you. We are inspired by sound, raindrops, shadows, puppets, art, and circuses. We also teach tap.