Season 11 Subscription


TriptheDark Subscription Series

Every month, a different TriptheDark choreographer will create a new piece for the company to learn and will spend every Monday teaching the new piece to our dancers. These dances will be in a variety of styles and will showcase various dancers in the company each month. During the last class, we will throw on a costume, turn on some lights, and take a video of the piece. It will be raw, it will be new and fresh, it will be us. 

We have started a subscription option for our audience members through Square. If you sign up for a Season 11 Subscription, you will receive an email on the first Monday of each month starting in October with the video from the previous month. That way, instead of one night of TriptheDark in the spring, you receive 7 videos in 7 months that showcase different styles, dancers, and choreographers throughout the whole season. 

Subscriptions are $35, but we don’t want to leave out any of our audience and friends if $35 is too high. When you check out, there is a $20 discounted option, as well, which is less than $3 per video! 

Subscribe here.