Each show is unique and derived from various influences, passions, and sounds, but mostly developed in a similar fashion. To take you through a weekend retreat to the coast, TriptheDark’s annual, inspirational technique for show development, let us lay out the steps of creativity:

  1. Corinn and Steph dream up a nugget of a plan.
  2. Corinn and Steph incubate the plan in a bath of music and storylines.
  3. Corinn and Steph write and rewrite and rewrite a show, pick at the fruits of their friends’ talents, gather a crew of passionate individuals, and drink a bunch of beers in the process.
  4. Invite the company out on the last night and celebrate the creation of art.

These ideas are borne of fairy tales, movies and TV shows, games, albums, and masks. They include handmade costumes, artistic collaboration, and many many sleepless nights. TriptheDark’s productions emulate values of connectedness, accessibility, creativity, and inclusiveness. We are proud to create this art and to share it with our community.