Ten: A 10th Anniversary Show about 10 Deadly Sins

February-March 2020

TriptheDark’s tenth season as a company brings a show about ten deadly sins. They range from the usual sins like greed and wrath to some new ones especially relevant in 2020 (manipulation, cowardice). This year’s theme highlights what may be very wrong with humanity, with a reminder that not one of us is safe from committing these sins. We are all walking contradictions.

TriptheDark Dance Company has gone from fairy tales (The Wolf Child’s Mother, Just Right) to popular eighties films (I Carried A Watermelon, Labyrinth) to the dark comedy of Twin Peaks (Dance of the Dream Man) to an exploration of grief (A Little Less Human). Known for their expert storytelling through contemporary dance and drawing in audiences unfamiliar or under-appreciative of dance, this year’s production celebrates it all.  As we explore this year’s theme through TriptheDark’s infamous character development, we will revisit some elements from our ten years as a dance company. What to expect? Maybe a visit from the Log Lady? Maybe some shadow play? Maybe some pie? 

March 14 will include a special reception, finale, and video project celebrating our tenth season and all the people who helped make it possible. 

Thank you to our sponsors for this show:

  • Leslie Brunker
  • Sietze & Maureen deWaard
  • Edie Seaman