Throwing Stones


Throwing Stones

April 2011

Knowing how much time musicians spend on creating an album, carefully crafting sounds and transitions, melodies and themes, we decided to perform The Album Project: creating a show that followed an album from start to finish. Dancing to Radiohead’s Amnesiac offered us many challenges that we met with a marionette, live drawing, pilates balls, tap dances, and live singing.

The Album Project:

Often when creating a new show, choreographers are left with many decisions regarding music composition. What is the theme? How will the songs flow together? What will be engaging for the audience? What we forget is that musicians have already done this work for us. Musicians record albums with intention. They have already figured out what sounds good together.  We decided to appreciate this hard work by performing to an entire album, start to finish, without much alteration.

We chose Radiohead because it’s difficult while also interesting. The counts are strange, the noises are unique, and it inspired us to do something creative. This album in particular is one of their most diverse albums, allowing for diverse movement in the show.

Special Thanks:
  • Red Yarn Productionsfor Leroy the Marionette
  • FICA Studios
  • Vega Dance Lab
  • Someday Incubator
  • Doctor Howard Paul Styer
  • Mister & Missus deWaard