I Carried A Watermelon


I Carried A Watermelon: A Dirty Dancing Story

April 2015

TriptheDark’s fifth season as a dance company invites you into the world of Patrick Swayze’s hips. Keeping to our tradition of bringing entertaining dance performances to Portland, I Carried A Watermelon: A Dirty Dancing Story is equal parts homage and irreverence: everything you always loved about Dirty Dancing, and everything you didn’t know it was missing.

Tragedy and social strata befall Johnny and his crew, and he finds himself in need of a new dance partner. I Carried A Watermelon doesn’t just retell your favorite eighties movie masterpiece, it takes your dusty old VHS cassette, throws in some glitter, spandex, TriptheDark’s legendary humor and accessibility and presents it for you as fresh and relevant as ever before. So be there or be square. And squares have corners. And nobody, but nobody, puts baby in the corner.

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