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My Turn: A Claire Underwood Story

We’ve all seen what happens when political labels and ego become more important than productivity, progress, and the health of a nation. How do we unite against a common enemy when communication is no longer effective?


It’s dance.

TRIPTHEDARK DANCE COMPANY is using the story of CLAIRE UNDERWOOD from HOUSE OF CARDS to explore communication breakdown in politics. CLAIRE has recently come into power as President of United States, but her early idealism has been corrupted by power. Throughout THREE ACTS that include theater, puppetry and dance, MY TURN delves into CONGRESS’ struggles to defeat CLAIRE and work together despite their fragile egos and misplaced loyalties.

Past TRIPTHEDARK shows have explored the dark comedy of TWIN PEAKS (DANCE OF THE DREAM MAN), popular 80s films (I CARRIED A WATERMELON and DANCE MAGIC) and fairy tales (THE WOLF CHILD’S MOTHER and JUST RIGHT). For MY TURN, they are reuniting with local playwright ELLEN MARGOLIS, who will direct ACT ONE’S theater performance. ACT TWO will feature movement and theatrics directed by DIANA SCHULTZ, and ACT THREE will complete the circle with a dance production directed and performed by TRIPTHEDARK DANCE COMPANY.

MY TURN will also be TRIPTHEDARK’S inaugural show in their new home, CHAPEL THEATRE. Beer, wine and delicious in-house pizza and sandwiches from SECRET PIZZA SOCIETY will be available for purchase.

  • Fridays and Saturdays, April 13 – 28
  • 7:30-9:00pm
  • $15 advance, $18 at the door
  • Purchase tickets here